Tobias Huber - 1001 Ways - Music 4 Peace - The Gandhi Tour

Tobias is as well a Producer as a Musician of the World Fusion Band 1001Ways, who performed at International Festivals around the globe. Born in a prestigious Swiss Musician Family (son of Klaus Huber, avant-garde composer) his Grandmother comes from the Django Reinhardt Family, his teachers were Volker Biesenbender (Master-student of Sir Yehudi Menuhin), Mustapha Tettey Addy, Ali Akbar Khan, Zakir Hussein, the Bauls of Bengal and many others. Tobias Huber achieved several International Awards: Int. Music Festival Sanden Netherlands 1990, Int. Music Festival in Vevey Switzerland 1995, Indie-Tunes Song Contest Finalist 2006, top 40 US / Peace Song-writing Award 2006. Since his early years Tobias was inspired of Gandhi's Non-violence actions and worked with cultural peace projects since the 80's. “now it is more important then ever to unite for Peace!”
1001 Ways are based Switzerland but are truly about global music. The other members are vocalist Yvonne Guldimann (Hailing from Cameron) and Hilarious Dauag (Hailing from the Philippines), who performs on the balaphone and various percussion. Together they have recorded the CD "Gandhi". It is based on musical and spiritual traditions that are thousands of years old as well as blending modern pop sounds and chill-out elements. The truly exciting aspect of the CD is the combination of there extraordinary music with the rare recording of Mahatma Gandhi's voice (It comes with the blessing of Dr. Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson). This CD did break borders in all senses. 1001 Ways had performed at International Festivals around the world and are touring now with there energetic multimedia live performance, including original Film footage's of Mahatma Gandhi. (1001 Ways had international media coverage on BBC, London to Night, Forbes TV, Asian Voice, India Digest, Culture Times, Pakistan TV, Sirus Radio...). 1001 Ways had worked together with international artists like:_ Farafina (Real World),  Fathy Salama (producer of "Egypt" for Youssou N’Dour), Omega III (producer of Madonna...), Gypsy Kings, Tony Scott, Boddy Miles and Calvin Owens.


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