Tobias Huber - Musician - Producer - Composer - Publisher

Tobias Huber Musician, Producer and Founder of the Gandhi Tour and Music 4 Peace
Since 2000 were Tobias Huber, Founder of Music 4 Peace had started this cultural peace foundation; Music 4 Peace had supported international cultural peace projects in alliance with organizations as M. K. Gandhi Institute, Culture of Peace Initiative, SUISA Foundation, Pathways to Peace, Earthdance, 30 Days of Peace, UN Millennium Development Goals, White Band Org, We the World and many others. Music 4 Peace had supported events as the United Nation's "No Excuse Concert" in New York in 2004, relating to the Millennium Development Goals, supported the world-fusion Group 1001 Ways attending on of Asia's largest Festivals, the “World Performing Arts Festival” 2003 and 2004. Tobias presented The Gandhi Tour, at the Int. Earthdance peace festival in California 2006, celebrating Gandhi’s ”100 Years of Non-violence” with Dr. Arun Gandhi, the grandson of the late Mahatma. As well presented 30 Days of Peace and The Gandhi Tour at the world’s largest music industry fair MIDEM 2007, Gandhi Tour Concerts at Donna Karan’s Event location in New York and the historical Kingsley Hall in London 2008. Concerts at Int. Day of Peace at UN in New York, Gandhi Tour TV broadcast celebrating Gandhi’s 140th birthday by supporting the “World March for Peace and Non-violence”. Lunch of the Music 4 Peace Tour with a Press Conference feat. Def Jam Founder Russell Simmons at Sundance Film Festival in 2010.



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